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Valdosta makes back to school preparations

Amy McDade has been teaching for 23 years Amy McDade has been teaching for 23 years
VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - The start of school is just hours away for Valdosta City Schools. We found out how one teacher is getting ready.

Amy McDade has been teaching for 23 years. She says getting her classroom ready for students always keeps her busy, but it's also something she looks forward to.

McDade is putting the final touches on some items she'll be using in her classroom this year to help her students learn. But getting ready for this school year comes with added pressure, as she'll be teaching 2nd grade for the first time.

"Getting my room ready is about the same. Curriculum is a little bit different, so I'm feeling' a little bit lost there but it's coming' around. I'll be ready in the morning," said McDade.

Wednesday may be the last day before students return, but McDade has been busy getting her room ready since the end of the last school year.

"I've been working on some things all Summer. So, I had a workshop first week of Summer, had a workshop two weeks ago, and then I've been working on some stuff since then."

No matter how busy and stressful these last few hours may be, she says it's a good thing because it means it's time to start teaching again.

'When May gets here, I’m ready for a break, and then after the Fourth of July I'm ready to come back and get into a routine and have a fresh set of kids that are ready and eager to learn."

And around eight o' clock Thursday morning, that's what she'll get, as students file in to W. G. Nunn Elementary for another year of school.

Thursday is also the first day for the Lowndes County School District.

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