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Turner Co. spot gains reputation for bad wrecks

Sheriff Hester Sheriff Hester
ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - A pillar holding up a DOT bridge near exit 84 on I-75 has been hit a dozen times in the last year. Law enforcers know when they get a call for a wreck along northbound I-75 its most likely near the bridge.

Turner County Sheriff Andy Hester says he's worried someone is going to get killed. "We know that if it’s up here in that area then it’s probably that bridge that gets hit."

Hester says there's been 12 accidents in the last year and he's concerned someone is going to die. So far there haven't been any fatalities.

He says the DOT has been out to measure the pillar, but so far nothings been done to fix the problem.

"As a sheriff I hope that they work on it faster because it’s a lot of accidents and luckily we haven't had a fatality right now. Out of the 12 accidents we haven't had a fatality, but the potential is there as many bad wrecks as we have had"

Dozens of semi-trucks travel through this area and Hester says even they take precautions, most of them moving over as far as possible.

"These trucks that come through here talk on CBs and they are aware of it.  Some of them move over, and we would like all of them to move over, even if there in a car, watch out for that truck, because if it hits that pillar it’s gonna throw everything that's in that truck out there."

Just last week a motor home pulling a car crashed into the bridge. "It had a $300,000 Bentley that was in the back on a trailer and it tore everything up on the side of the trailer. Of course it tore the car up too."

In fact he says had two accidents in the same day. "There was one in the morning and come right back out that afternoon to the same thing. Hit that pillar... Definitely a problem."

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