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'Speed Trap' sign stirs up Poulan area

Maylon Benson Maylon Benson
Chief Whisenant Chief Whisenant
POULAN, GA (WALB) - A Worth County man is causing a stir with a sign calling the city of Poulan a speed trap. He says he wants to help people avoid tickets.

Maylon Benson says he only wants to let people know what's up ahead, but the police chief says the sign sends a different message.

The sign showing an overweight officer with a box of doughnuts and dollar signs coming out of his gun is an expression of Maylon Benson's frustration with Poulan Police.

“We drive up and down this road all the time. And we're trying to make money on this road. We go to and from. It's terrible," said Maylon Benson.

The sign sits right outside the city limits on Highway 82 west. Benson owns the property where the sign has been for the past two days. And he sees nothing wrong with voicing his opinion.

“This sign goes out to all the poor folks that had to pay when they really didn't or shouldn't have to pay for it," said Benson.

Poulan's Police chief doesn't agree. He says Poulan is not a speed trap and people just need to follow the speed limits. “Our cars are in the middle of the road. Everyone knows we have speed enforcement here.”

Chief Whisenant believes the sign sends a bad message. “I’m not sure exactly what he is trying to say but the respect he has for law enforcement, you can tell by the sign.”

The Poulan Police Department has five officers and officers patrol the city 24 hours a day. “I don't do quotas. We do what the law says we can do,” the chief said.

This is not the first time Benson has sent a message like this for everyone to see. He once was stopped by police for speeding. “ I had a boom truck and stuck a plywood on the back that said speed trappers ahead.”

Whisenant says he'll continue to do his job, regardless of the complaints. “We have to have these law in place to try to save somebody. If I save one person this year, I've done my job.”

The Georgia Department of Transportation contacted us and says the sign doesn't violate any rules because the sign is not considered a form of advertisement and its on personal property. 

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