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Vaccines should be part of back-to-school list

Dr. Grant explains the importance of getting vaccines Dr. Grant explains the importance of getting vaccines
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - What used to be a recommendation to parents is now a requirement, at least for those who have a child moving on to middle school. They will need a meningitis, HPV and TDAP, if they don't receive this, it could prevent them from attending the first day of class.

If your child is just starting school they need to be up to date on MMR, chickenpox, polio and TDAP, all the boosters.

This is very important, a few months back an outbreak of pertussis took over a large part of southwest Georgia and although its under control now, Southwest Georgia Public Health District Director Dr. Jacqueline Grant says its still something we need to be aware of.

Dr. Grant says it wasn't that long ago when parents opted out in getting their children shots due to the the bad press that surrounded vaccinations, she believes that is part of the blame why some outbreaks occur. Making appointments, this is the time to do it, especially if you have a child that will be starting school for the first time or have an incoming 7th grader.

"We have had a pretty significant outbreak a few months ago in our district with pertussis, so its just big everywhere. And its very important for us to get that heard immunity up," Dr. Grant said.

The National Public Health Information Coalition says over 75 million people in the U. S., most of them teenagers, are infected with HPV.

You can make an appointment with your personal doctor or if you don't have one, visit the Public Health Department. Parents have a few days left to do this before kids head back this Thursday and Friday.

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