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Aging trees need constant monitoring

Wes Smith, Assistant City Manager Wes Smith, Assistant City Manager

City of Albany crews took down a diseased old oak tree near Hilsman Park Friday. We learned starting this Friday the city and Water, Gas & Light will start cutting down oak trees that grow around power lines and replacing them with smaller crepe myrtle trees.

Moss-covered trees have lined streets in some neighborhoods for 70 years, but those aging trees can pose dangers. City officials say they constantly monitor them for diseases and other problems that could cause large limbs or entire trees to fall. The city has two arborists on staff who determine if a tree needs to be cut down. They say the danger grows as the trees get older.

"In that particular area it is a more aged group of trees,” said Wes Smith, Assistant City Manager. “So, we're watching more carefully. We periodically go out and look for signs of damage, signs of disease, limbs that need to be trimmed. So we and try keep on top of it and if we get complaints, because if a big tree like that falls it can be quite dangerous. It could hit a house, we had one hit a car a couple of weekends ago."

City officials say they are only responsible for trees the city planted in public rights of way. Homeowners who are concerned about a city tree can report it by calling 311.

The first of those trees threatening power lines to come down will be on Slappey Boulevard between Oglethorpe Boulevard and Highland Avenue. They'll be cut down Friday.

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