Viewpoint: KeepMyTV.Org

Viewpoint: KeepMyTV.Org

Because you are watching WALB News right now - maybe on cable or over satellite - there's an important issue in Congress you will want to know about.

Pay TV companies, which re-sell our over the air television signal to their subscribers, are seeking new rules from Congress that could jeopardize the local TV you depend on - for live local news, weather and sports here, where we live.

It is local news, after all, that you rely on each day to stay safe and informed. No cable or satellite company produces local news.

But what if Pay TV companies were allowed to ignore local TV stations, and instead pay broadcast networks directly for their programs, and not carry the local network affiliate's local weather reports, say, during a tornado?

That's what cable companies hope Congress will let them do, unless you speak out against it.

And what if cable or satellite companies were allowed to carry any NBC or ABC station instead of WALB?

Would you be happy with news and weather reports from distant cities in other states with no connection to where you live?

That could happen if Congress decides to let cable companies choose what you get to see.

The National Association of Broadcasters has produced some TV spots which you will be seeing on our station to bring awareness to highlight this important issue.

We urge you to email or call your congress members or senators to say that you want to keep "local TV".

For more information regarding the campaign, please visit


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