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Burglars use sledge hammer to break into 4 Albany stores

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -    The same four masked men are suspected of hammering their way into four Albany stores early Monday morning.

 The store owners say repeated break-ins could cost them not only money and peace of mind., but possibly their insurance coverage.       

Nothing subtle about these hole in the wall break ins.  These crooks used brute force and a sledgehammer to get inside and loot the four stores. And it was caught on camera.Take a look at this masked man, using a sledge hammer to pound the back wall of the MLK Grocery just before 5 this morning. After awhile this crook gets tired and he hands the hammer over to this crook in black, who finally breaks a hole in the wall.

They push through the hole, knocking over a display behind the counter, and two men rush inside.  They raid the cash register, and ransack the office looking for money. The MLK owner says this is fourth time in the last month he store has been busted into this way.  Dixie Food Mart's owner says it's the third time at his store.

Dixie Food Mart owner Henry Patel said "Anytime the phone rings at nighttime we know it's something bad at the store."

Police say they suspect these same men also busted a hole in the wall at the A & S Liquors on Mobile Avenue about 1 AM.  They took cash from the office. 

 At 1:22 the alarm sounded at the Dollar General on East Oglethorpe where the glass door was broken and cigarettes were missing.  

Just before 3 police saw a man standing beside Dixie Mart on East Broad, and he ran.  They found the hole busted in the back wall, but nothing was taken.

At 4:45 the four hit the MLK Grocery, stealing a large number of cigarettes, lottery tickets, and cash.  They threw the loot out the hole in the wall onto the ground. This crook's mask slips down, and you can get a good look at his face. There was thousands of dollars in damages and stolen property in the four thefts.

Patel said "This is a lot of damage and insurance. Our insurance is going up and up. Some insurance companies not ready to give us insurance now.  Because of the high risk."

The store owners say they can't rest at night, wondering if their business is being targeted again.  They are hoping the community will help them identify these hole in the wall bandits.

If you recognized that burglar whose face you could see in the surveillance video, or know anything about these four burglaries, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 436-TIPS. You could earn a reward.

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