Worth School sends letter concerning student pick-up

In order to provide order and to enhance student safety during dismissal our school will implement the following procedures starting Monday August 4, 2014. This procedure has been implemented successfully at many schools and we hope for success here at WCPS as well. During the implementation of the new procedures, the Worth County Police Department will be on campus to assist with the flow of traffic.

There will be dual car pick up lanes. The first lane will consist of the current posts marked with the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. The second lane will be cones marked with the numbers 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Each number will be supervised by a WCPS faculty/ staff member. Please STOP where the adult who will assist your child is standing.

The student(s) name MUST be posted in the windshield. Every parent was given two student name cards at Open House. If you do not have your cards, please write a note in your child's agenda and replacement cards will be made. In order to accommodate the flow of traffic, no student can be placed in a vehicle without a name card. If you

are going to have another person pick your child up, you will need to give him/her your name cards. If this is going to happen on a regular basis, write a note in your child's agenda and we will make you additional name cards.

Additional faculty/staff will direct the movement of traffic. Please pay close attention to the adults directing the flow of vehicles. STOP when the STOP SIGN is held up and only move forward when the GO SIGN is held up. We will load 10 students at a time, move these vehicles out, then move ten vehicles forward and load these students.

During inclement weather students will be placed in vehicles in number posts covered by the awning.

It will be necessary to follow procedures closely to maintain an efficient, orderly, and most importantly safe dismissal at Car Pick-Up. Please be patient, and stay in

your vehicle. Administration values parent input and we are making these changes in response to requests for an orderly and parent accommodating dismissal during the afternoon. As students and parents become accustomed to the procedures the flow of traffic will move forward expeditiously.

Yours in safety and education, WCPS Administration