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Volunteers help with needed improvements at Albany Humane Society

Donna Strickland, Executive Director Donna Strickland, Executive Director
Adam Bowens, Job Site Coordinator Adam Bowens, Job Site Coordinator

Volunteers spent their morning giving the Albany Humane Society a makeover.

More than 25 volunteers are using their brushes and other tools to make some much needed improvements at the Albany Humane Society. It's all part of a $5000 grant they received from Pedigree and an animal rescue group called "GreaterGood."

"We're just so honored and excited to be awarded the grant and then this morning everybody started gathering about 8 o'clock and all of these wonderful volunteers showed up,” said Donna Strickland, Executive Director.

The Albany Humane Society is the only shelter in Georgia that was awarded the grant, plus $5000 worth of dog food. It’s grants and donations like this that keep shelters going.

"They're saying it's making it easier for them to do stuff day to day,” said Adam Bowens, Job Site Coordinator. “The food was a big help keeping cost down on them."

Volunteers built picnic tables with benches so potential owners will have a comfortable place to get to know these precious animals. They're also building storage units.

"Well the storage, we desperately needed some good storage,” said Strickland. “You know a lot of our stuff we end up piling up outside so it doesn't last as long, so the storage we're real excited about."

The new improvements come after the shelter had to put a halt on adoptions in April because of a distemper outbreak.

" We're really sprucing up the facility it's going to be so much nicer and we have been completely clear of the distemper as of this past Wednesday, so we're real fortunate we didn't lose any animals to the disease itself, so we're real proud of that,” said Strickland.

Volunteers also painted walls and made some improvements to the kennels. They also plan to purchase some new beds for the dogs. They’re asking for volunteers to help put the beds together. You can help by calling 888-PETS.

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