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Citizens continue to help VPD clean up the streets

Lt. Aaron Kirk Lt. Aaron Kirk

As the sun was just coming up Friday morning, Valdosta Police were coming down on 2502 University Drive after numerous complaints by citizens of drug activity going at the home.

"Our narcotics unit did an investigation, were able to obtain a search warrant for that residence, and this morning they served a search warrant on that residence," said Valdosta Police Department Lieutenant Aaron Kirk.

42 year-old Tommy Green was arrested and is now facing multiple drug related charges in Lowndes County on top of charges he was already wanted for in Alachua County, Florida.

"They found marijuana, powder cocaine, crack cocaine, some pills, also a handgun Enough to the point that it was showin' that he was tryin' to sell it," Kirk explained.

This is just the latest of several instances over the past few months where citizens are stepping up and alerting police when they notice suspicious activity, which in most cases has helped police get criminals off the streets.

"Any time we can get drugs off the streets and get them away from someone who's tryin' to sell 'em, and also get him off the street, it's a good thing," Kirk said. "We appreciate the community support and all the help we're gettin' from the community about these type of drug dealers."

But it's not just the police department that has benefited from citizen tips over the past few months. On Wednesday, the two suspects who led Lowndes County authorities on an hours-long man hunt Tuesday were arrested after a citizen saw the two and called 911.

"We can't do it alone; we need citizens' help. So, I think they're realizin' that if they help the police, if they help the sheriff's office, that we're gonna work to help them out and we're gonna get these people off the streets," Kirk pointed out.

And that's exactly how it worked in Friday morning's bust.

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