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One week, two aces for Louisville man

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It takes some skill, a clean ball strike helps, but even more so, it takes luck.

"He goes, I bet your ball is in the hole, and the other guys started yelling, your ball is in the hole, and they ran out and they saw that it was in the hole," said Louisville's Jeff Calderon.

According to Golf Digest there are 150,000 holes in one a year, which sounds like a lot, but that is out of 490,000,000 rounds of golf.

Calderon understands how lucky he was. "Yes, yes, and I understand that and I never even think about it, all I think about is the middle of the green."

His first hole in one came on #3 at Standard Country Club, it measures 161 yards, and with a stiff wind in play, he hit a 5 hybrid. That was on July 23.

Six days later, playing in the men's league at Hurstbourne Country Club, Calderon did it again.

This time with a 6 iron on the 166 yard par 3 4th hole.  The hole is raised from the fairway and surrounded by bunkers, "and when I didn't see it and what happened to me six days later, I took a bee line to the hole and there was my ball right there, and that's when I just went, wow!," Calderon said.

That's two holes in one in six days.

Calderon had already ordered a plaque and bag tag for his first ace, only to call back for another. He says they'll make a great conversation on his home bar, joining a signed picture of Tom Seaver and Joe Namath, after the Mets and Jets won World Championships in 1969, and a picture of Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer.

The accountant is still riding the high. "Wow, two hole in one's and I think as a couple of days has gone by, I've been like more wow about it then when it happened because you're in the moment."

The clubhouse at Standard was closed after the first ace, but he did get a chance to buy a round at Hurstbourne, a bill he hasn't seen yet, but will be more than happy to pay.

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