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Sexual predator warning issued

D. A. Greg Edwards D. A. Greg Edwards
Lt. Chad Kirkpatrick Lt. Chad Kirkpatrick
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty County Grand Jurors indict two Georgia men for sex crimes targeting children.

Prosecutors and police warn parents that predators are using all forms of social and electronic media hunting for young victims.

Police say sexual predators are using social media....even cell phone apps to target young people. And they say parents need to understand to protect their kids.

Investigators say Jonathan Goodner of Jefferson County used the Internet to send obscene pictures and materials to what he thought was a 13 year old girl named Breanna between February and May 2012. But police say the warehouseman from Louisville was actually sending nude pictures of himself to a Dougherty County Police officer, working through the GBI's Internet Crimes against Children task force. 

Goodner was indicted for three counts of obscene Internet Contact with a child and other sex crimes. Investigators say almost as soon as they get on social media they are targeted.

  "It's within a matter of minutes we have a target we can start working. And ultimately make the arrest," said Dougherty County Police Lt. Chad Kirkpatrick.

Also indicted by the Grand Jury, Ronnie Brown, for Child Molestation and Electronically furnishing obscene materials to minors. Prosecutors say Brown, known as 'Boo Man,' used texts and Facebook to send a young teenage girl sexual messages, and later sexually molested the girl. Prosecutors say parents have to watch their kids' social media.

 "It has to be done in order to protect your children from predators, who are waiting constantly, diligently to make victims of children," Dougherty District Attorney Greg Edwards said.

Police warn parents that predators are using all forms of social media.  "Facebook, Twitter, all types of apps. You got cell phone apps now. So it's a lot more in depth," Kirkpatrick said.

Prosecutors say these predators think they can disappear into the cloud and social media and not be detected, so they are bold in their hunt for victims. And police say they are targeting kids in South Georgia.

Police and prosecutors urge parents to keep their child's computer in a common area and check their phone and social media messages and contacts routinely. They say it could prevent a tragedy.

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