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An Albany tree gets to live another day

Jaime Gallup Jaime Gallup
!00 year old tree !00 year old tree
Trying to save tree Trying to save tree

Some people who live near Albany's Hilsman Park are trying to save a more than 100-year old tree in the area.

Jaime Gallup calls this tree on North Van Buren Street Big Bertha.

City workers told her they were taking the tree down today because it's diseased.

Her husband Earl says he lost a rocket in the tree when he was about 4-years old.

The Gallups don't think it's necessary to take down the whole tree.

Shortly after our crew arrived... city workers left with some limbs they had cut down.

Jaime Gallup says"that's part of our attraction part of our city you go down 3rd street and see all the big trees they were planted for a purpose a reason for us to have the good life city artisan city beautiful trees."

Assistant City Manager Phil Roberson says they postponed taking the tree down to take a closer look after receiving calls from concerned residents... But he says it is a risk and likely will come down.

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