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How to enjoy an unseasonably cool day

Sydney Bush, avid fisherman Sydney Bush, avid fisherman
 "Ah it felt real good this morning," said Sydney Bush, avid fisherman.

Avid fisherman Sydney Bush said he loves to get out on the water and wet a line. He has fished quite a bit this week, but today was the most comfortable, "The first two mornings were pretty rough, but this morning was pretty good."

This time of year it's hard to find a time where the heat and humidity aren't suffocating, but today was an exception.

"It was, it really was. It never got so hot that I couldn't stand it," said bush.

Terry Beck normally has to struggle to beat the heat while keeping up with his lawn service, but today he got to relax on the lake.

"It was so cool this morning, we are going out of town this weekend I wanted to try my boat out and just enjoy the day rather than hard work and enjoy it some," said Terry Beck, Beck's Lawn owner.

Normally Bush has to fish in certain spots to stay cool, but today he could find the lunkers a different way.

"You don't go in and out of the trees like you generally do because it was cool and you have to stay in the shade when it's real hot and if you don't you will get in real trouble you know, ( and you didn't have to worry about that today?) no not today,"

I asked Bush what his favorite part about his fishing trip today and he quickly responded


Unfortunately, this cool spell, along with the low humidity, is going to be short lived.

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