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Taser training provided to officers

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Two dozen law enforcement officers from across Georgia and Florida trained to become instructors for Tasers in Dougherty County.

The officers and deputies were taught how to safely train their departments officers in the safe and effective use of Tasers. Once they have completed and passed the two day course, these officers will return and teach their fellow officers. 

Tasers have become a standard issue tool for most law enforcement officers, providing a non-lethal weapon they can subdue offenders with.

“We don't have to hit them with a baton. Or revert to a pistol or pepper spray, that will last for days on end. The burn that lasts for days on end. So it lasts for five seconds and then it's over,” said Johnny Jordan of the Taser Training Academy.

The officers learned to load and re-load the taser in action, and did several target practice exercises. Many of the deputy's say all they have to do is draw the Taser and most offenders surrender, rather than be Tased.

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