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Poor fire protection leads to skyrocketing insurance costs

 Some Worth County homeowners are seeing steep increases in their insurance premiums because of poor fire protection.

The Insurance Service Office rating for much of the county is now a 10. That's the worst possible rating. By contrast, the rating in Sylvester is four.

Insurance companies use the ratings to figure premiums for home insurance policies. Worth Insurance Company Owner Bob Monk said, "If you live out in the county, you're gonna pay a higher rate because the fire protection is not as good as it would be in the city."

In fact some Worth County residents may pay more than twice what people in Sylvester pay.

The ISO studies factors such as a fire department's equipment, training, response and record-keeping to come up with the rating.

Worth County is a large county. County Commission Chairman Mike Cosby told us the county doesn't have the money to hire full-time firefighters to man stations throughout the county. He says the main problem right now is the county can't keep enough good volunteer firefighters on the job.

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