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Family defends man accused of murdering infant daughter

COLQUITT CO., GA (WALB) - A south Georgia family is speaking up for a father recently charged with murdering his baby. They say he cherished his little girl. 21 year old Damien Holloway remains in jail charged with murder and cruelty to a child in connection to the death of his 9 month old daughter Brooke.

"My life and my soul on it, he is not a murderer," said Damien’s older brother Alex Holloway.
The family says there are just too many questions left unanswered about that tragic day in February for the investigators to pin the death on Holloway.

"The doctor told us that when she threw up it went to her other lung and her heart stopped for too long leading to brain failure, due to the lack of oxygen,” said Alex.

The family says they were surprised to hear that just five months after the horrible ordeal, the baby's father would be arrested. GBI agents say they arrested him based on witness statements and medical reports claiming that Brooke died from a traumatic closed head injury. His family says Holloway feels guilty but wasn't responsible for his daughter's death.

"No matter who did it he's taking the blame for that person,” said Alex. Holloway's brother says Damien loved Brooke and would have never harmed her intentionally."If Damien ever got mad at all he would put the baby down, or hand her to Jessi,” said Alex.

His mother and grandmother say that losing Brooke shook the young father to the core."He told me before he got put into jail, that he was thinking about committing suicide, he couldn't take it because she was gone" said Damien’s mother Barbara Holloway.

They say Holloway was a loving father and if he's found guilty, it will only add to the tragedy of Brooke's death because Holloway's wife is now pregnant with their second child.

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