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Man charged with shooting, killing Berrien Co. puppy

A dog stands at the end of Tommy Sellars' driveway A dog stands at the end of Tommy Sellars' driveway
Anthony Heath Anthony Heath
BERRIEN CO., GA (WALB) - Tommy Sellars' dogs still bark at you as you approach his driveway, only now there is one less dog since his son's nine month old blood hound was shot and killed Wednesday, July 23rd.

"Our chief deputy and investigators went out to the scene and was tryin' to decipher, sort things out, at that time," explained Berrien County Sheriff Anthony Heath.

Sellars called them to his home as he and his neighbor, 65 year-old Richard Tooley, were getting into an argument after Sellars found the blood hound dead on his side of the property line in the corn field next to his home.

Investigators spoke to both men and a few other people and then came back out on Thursday for further investigation.

"We went back the next day with more information on our part and he then confessed to shooting the dog," said Heath. "[Tooley] said the dog was chasing his cats."

Heath said Tooley shot the dog in his yard and then dumped the body in the corn field. "He put it on the back of the vehicle and backed out to the very corner of the property line and pushed the dog off," Heath said.

Investigators arrested Tooley at his home Friday afternoon. Tooley bonded out Saturday morning. In light of this shooting, Heath is asking everyone to talk to their neighbors about their issues so that other pets don't have to suffer this same fate.

"I would encourage people to get together and discuss those issues like adults and maybe pan these issues out before it comes to this," Heath emphasized.

Unfortunately, that advice comes to late for Sellars and Tooley.

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