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How to beat the heat

Michelle Doyle Michelle Doyle
Sam Allen, Dougherty County EMS Supervisor Sam Allen, Dougherty County EMS Supervisor
If you’re out and about today make sure you stay hydrated. Temperatures will feel much warmer than they really are. 

It's the hottest day of summer and South Georgians are beating the heat by staying cool at Turtle Park. Michelle Doyle and her 9-year-old son Benjamin spent the day playing at the fountain downtown. 

 "I don't want to be inside all day, so I'd rather be outside with the kids and having fun with them staying cool,” said Michelle Doyle. 

 She's also making sure they drink plenty of fluids. 

 "Especially a lot of water and juices,” said Doyle. “I'm grown and I still drink water and juices." 

 Dougherty County EMS officials say it’s important to stay hydrated. 

 "Water is very good, cold water, Gatorade anything to refill your electrolytes that you're sweating out,” said Sam Allen, Dougherty County EMS Supervisor. 

 They also say it’s important to monitor how much time you spend outside and watch for signs of heat exhaustion. 

 "When a person is out in the heat, they get hot,” said Allen. “They start sweating. It's when they quit sweating is when they are getting into a medical emergency." 

 When EMS gets a call for a heat related illness the patient is put in the back of the ambulance to be treated. 

 "We will place ice packs, cold packs underneath their arm pits, around the back of the neck area to help try to lower some of the core temperature,” said Allen. “We'll start an IV solution fluid to start replacing fluids that the body has already lost to help curtail some of the heat cramps and other issues that are going on." 

 He says children and the elderly are at a greater risk for heat-related illnesses. Allen says the best time to go outside are earlier in the day and in the evening.

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