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Dawson residents seek solution after water bills skyrocket

City Attorney Tommy Coleman City Attorney Tommy Coleman
Resident Racine McDaniel Resident Racine McDaniel
Resident Virginia Price Resident Virginia Price

Some Dawson residents upset with their water bills say they are tired of fighting with the city.

The city admitted a new meter reader made some mistakes. They said customers water bills averaged out, but some residents said they are still overpaying and can't afford the bills.

The City Manager said the mistake initially resulted in lower bills that then skyrocketed.

"It shouldn't be that high. It shouldn't be that high at all," said Dawson resident Virginia Price.

City Attorney Tommy Coleman said officials were working to make things right.

"So he's tried to, while not excusing because they did buy the water, making sure that the payment was adjusted so they could deal with it over a period of time," said Coleman.

But Virginia Price had a different story to tell.

"I've been getting these high water bills and there is no way possible that I owe them for water. I have told them this and they still not trying to anything about it," said Price.

Another resident said her water bill more than doubled in just one month. She said she was told the city would come out and investigate her situation.

"I do not understand how in the world my water bill can go from $60 to $140.79 and you give me that as an excuse, I had to pay it," said Racine McDaniel.

Customers said they don't have the money to pay the high bills.

"They have a cash flow issues and they can't come up with the bill the second month," said Coleman

"They're getting their school clothes because they are getting ready to go back to school. I don't make that much," said McDaniel

"I have all kinds of other bills and my son needs things in which I can't get because he is disabled and I have to take care of him," said Price.

McDaniel said she has a simple solution.

"They need to do better. If they don't have certified meter readers then they need to hire one because nobody is going to keep paying these high bills and they aren't right. They need to do better."

Anyone else who has problems with their water bill is encouraged to contact Dawson City management.

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