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Airmen at Moody compete in weapons load competition

Andrew Wright Andrew Wright
Christopher Tarbart Christopher Tarbart
MOODY AIR FORCE BASE, GA (WALB) - Two A-10 munitions load crews competed against each other to see who could get a set of missiles and bombs loaded onto their A-10 fighter jets the fastest while also being the safest and most efficient.

"It instills competitiveness amongst the two aircraft maintenance units and it builds a little bit of spree decor within the weapons community," explained load standardization crew chief Andrew Wright.

Friday's competition was the final part of a series of inspections and tests all of the munitions load crews go through each quarter to keep them at the top of their game. An important factor when it comes to strapping bombs and missiles onto an aircraft.

"It's imperative that it's done safely and reliably," Wright said. "We don't want to have any incident where we could potentially hurt somebody or hurt an ally."

At the end of the quarter, one munitions load crew wins the title of best load crew of the quarter based on their scores from all of the tests and inspections.

Staff Sergeant Christopher Tarbart is the weapons load crew chief for one of the teams. He said despite his team's week-long preparation, the pressure of the competition still makes things challenging.

"We knew exactly what we were doing and then soon as the load starts, your heart starts racing, you got the music in the background, it kind of speeds things up a little bit," Tarbart pointed out.

But that's exactly why he looks forward to the competitions. "What I was looking for out of them, and myself also, was working under pressure. We never really load in front of this many people," said Tarbart.

His team finished second in the weapons load competition, but they still managed to win best load team of the quarter.

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