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Worth tax commissioner's duties taken away

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The tax commissioner in Worth County has a little less work to do now.

The Worth County Sheriff took one of her duties away.

Tabetha DuPriest says she wasn't given notice of the change. She hopes the next person to handle the work continues what she started.

Tax Commissioner Tabetha DuPriest found a notice from Sheriff Jeff Hobby on her desk Monday. It takes one of her duties away.

"Took some time off last week, and when I came back, I had a notice on my desk saying he was going to be reliving me of my Ex Officio status," said Tabetha DuPriest.

It means DuPriest will no longer hold tax sales and collect delinquencies in the county. The letter says Worth County chief deputy will hold those duties and title of Ex Officio.

"I hope he continues the process and work with the people. I think that's my biggest thing, work with the residents like we did," said DuPriest.

DuPriest says she wasn't given any prior notice of the change, but says the sheriff does have the right to designate someone else for the position.

"I had to find out about it through a memo from the board of commissioners," said DuPriest.

DuPriest says she's not upset about the change because it will lessen her workload.

"I work a lot overtime hours and after hours trying to keep up with the delinquent accounts and trying to maintain and prepare for tax sales," said DuPriest.

DuPriest say she has not spoken to Sheriff Hobby since the change, but she says her work speaks for itself since she's been Ex-Officio.

"We are over 99 percent collected from 2009 to 2012 and 97 collected for 2013.

We went to the Sheriff's Office and called Sheriff Hobby's cell phone for a comment about his decision. He has not responded.

The chief deputy will take over the duties on August 1st.

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