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Mexican Consulate helps South Georgians

Carla Gervin Carla Gervin
VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Dozens of Mexican nationals living in South Georgia lined up in Valdosta Thursday to get Mexican passports and other documents.

The Mexican consulate from Atlanta is in Valdosta to help folks in South Georgia. Dozens of South Georgia Mexican Nationals sat and waited, and then stood in line and waited some more. All for an opportunity to meet with a member of the Mexican Consulate from Atlanta to get their passports and other identification documents.

15 year-old Beatrriz was one of those who came and waited. "I came to get my passport," she explained.

This is the third year the Goodwill Career Center in Valdosta has hosted the Mexican consulate. Career Center Manager Carla Gervin said, "In essence, it's pretty much Mexico coming here to their citizens to help them get passports and IDs"

"I'm very happy," remarked Beatrriz, when asked if she was excited to ber thbe. "Because," she continued, "I need my passport to do other things."

During the consulate's visit in 2013, they served about 800. This week has been busy as well. "We've already served nearly 400 individuals Tuesday, Wednesday, and a full house today as well," Gervin said.

But getting their passports and IDs isn't the only thing the citizens can do while they're here.

"We have other resources, we have Bank of America here. Once you get your ID, you can open a bank account. I think they've opened about 30 accounts since Tuesday," Gervin said.

Friday is the last day for the event. The consulate will be at the Goodwill Career Center at 1000 St. Augustine Road from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and anyone renewing a passport or ID needs to bring their old passport or ID with them. 

There is also a fee associated with getting the documents, ranging from $31 to $101 depending on what type document you are applying for.

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