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Women charged after child found in van

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - On Tuesday, Moultrie Police were called to the parking lot of Colquitt Regional Medical Center when a hospital worker saw a young girl sweating profusely inside a van. 

A security guard used a piece of wire to get the locked van door open, and took the girl out of the vehicle. 

The hospital worker told police that the girl was in the van about half an hour. 

The two women who were in the van when it was locked were located in the OB department of the hospital. 

Corporal Rocky Hancock showed up at Colquitt Regional Medical Center just after a security guard got 3 year old Maribel Murillo girl out of a locked car.

"Once he was able to get the door unlocked, the child just bolted directly to him and latched onto him. She was completely covered in sweat from head to toe. And she was definitely in distress," said Hancock.

Angela Bowman was taking her lunch break when she saw the child in the car. She went inside and recognized Carmen Michelle Pecina, the grandmother, and her friend Sheila Maria Clements.

"Their behavior when they were told about this child, when they were told that the child was left in the vehicle was not that normally that would be associated with a grandmother finding out she had accidentally left the child in the car," said Hancock.

They were arrested and charged with reckless conduct.The temperature outside was 89 degrees, but police say it was 120 in the car. They say if the girl had been left much longer, she could have died.

"They would potentially be looking at felony charges all the way up to possibly manslaughter or murder charges," said Hancock.

After a metro Atlanta man was charged with murder for leaving his son in a hot car, Bowman is keeping an eye out for kids left alone.

"I believe the incident did make people a lot more aware and I believe people are looking at their surroundings more when they are coming to and from their vehicles," said Hancock.

The hospital wouldn't allow the security guard or nurse speak because of the ongoing investigation.

Hancock says they have increased patrols in busy parking lots to make sure kids aren't left alone.

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