Camilla firefighters extinguish house fire

Camilla firefighters extinguish house fire

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) - Furniture and walls were left charred in a Goodson Road home in Camilla after a fire swept through it early Thursday morning.

Neighbors were the first to notice smoke billowing and called in responders around 6 a.m. Firefighters said it didn't take them long to put out the flames are they arrived.

"What was lucky with this house was that no one did open windows or anything until the fire department arrived. That keeps the oxygen away from the fire and it had basically smothered itself out," said Camilla Fire Chief Jamie Sullivan.

The source of the blaze was found to be in a back bedroom.

"The resident had gone through the night. He left something, possibly a candle or cigarette that had dropped," said Chief Sullivan

Tanzie Burns said the home belonged to her mother, but her oldest son was living there.

"I'm glad No one was at home because material stuff can be replaced but you know, family can't," said Burns.

She said her son will be staying with her while they figure out what to do with the damaged home.

"We'll file with the insurance and we'll just go from there."

Though there seems to be a lot of damage, fire officials said the home itself can be salvaged.

"Everything in the house can be replaced, the walls and the furniture can be replaced but the structure of the house is intact," said Chief Sullivan.

Camilla fire investigators say these type of fires happen too often, and remind residents to never leave candles or cigarettes unattended.

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