Richard Woods awaits final results, running for School Superintendent

Richard Woods awaits final results, running for School Superintendent

Republican candidate Richard Woods is ready to take on Valerie Wilson in the November general election this fall. Before that can happen, there will be a recount first between he and other Republican candidate Mike Buck. Woods had 725 more votes than Buck in the runoff election.

"As they recount the votes, we anticipate that we will be victorious with the outcome," Woods said. "I think right now we are looking at all the election data seeing where they votes were and seeing perhaps where we can better perform in the days ahead."

Woods says if he becomes the state school superintendent, he'll work to give more control back to local school districts.

"I do not favor a micro management from Washington D.C., or even the state house up in Atlanta," Woods said. "I believe that local control is the best control."

He opposes new Common Core standards and says a more local approach will help focus on the individual students.

"We need to have a diagnostic test that looks at the progression of a child throughout the year," Woods said. "Right now, Georgia basically has an autopsy report as far as testing, we test at the end of the year that gives the teacher no real room to make adjustments."

Before he can focus on those changes, Woods must wait for the runoff results to be official then hope for victory in November.

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