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Decatur County decides to stand behind indicted deputies

DECATUR CO., GA (WALB) - Decatur County leaders will pay legal fees for indicted deputies. Federal prosecutors say a man's civil rights were violated when he was roughed up during an arrest and some officers lied during the investigation.

"They need to be defended and we plan to do that,’ said county attorney Brown Moseley.

According to Moseley the deputies named in a federal indictment stemming from an arrest at the 2012 Bike Fest, have done nothing wrong. County commissioners decided that the money to pay the deputies' legal fees would come out of the sheriff's office budget.

"They were in uniform acting, they were on duty, and they had arrest powers,” said Moseley.

Leaders say not much has been shared with them about the case against the deputies. What they do know comes from the criminal trial last year of the man the deputies arrested.

"We don't know what evidence they have; we know what evidence was presented in a court room in Decatur County a year ago,” said Moseley.

County leaders believe the officers did nothing wrong and the county should help them defend themselves.

Decatur County resident Dargan Long Says he will trust the county's judgment, “we've just got to trust that the ones in power will do what is right.”

The county unanimously voted to cover legal fees for Captain Liz Crowley, Deputy Robert Umback, and Deputy Christopher Kines. The family of former Grady County Deputy Wiley Griffin IV, will cover his legal fees.

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