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Wiregrass GA Tech helping South GA vets find jobs

Antonio Quinones Antonio Quinones
LOWNDES CO., GA (WALB) -  As Air Force Technical Sergeant Antonio Quinones walked around the job fair Wednesday, he made sure to stress to employers that he is ready and willing to go to work.

"I'm ready to go to work whenever they need me to. Just point me in the right direction and I'll get it done," said Quinones.

Quinones returned last week after being stationed overseas in Japan and will soon retire. He was eager to take advantage of the opportunity to meet potential employers.

"It's actually pretty impressive," Quinones admitted. "I had to hurry up and get as much information available in case they want a resume or anything, I have it on hand."

The job fair also gave him an opportunity to practice some of the things he learned from his transitional training to help him better prepare for life after the Air Force. "During my transitional training," explained Quinones, "one thing they emphasized was that we need to be confident when we're going out there into the civilian career force."

He said he now feels more confident about meeting potential employers and about finding a job soon. He also had some advice for any members of the military who are retired or will soon be and are looking for a job.

"I highly recommend, everyone who's getting out, to attend at least one time so they can understand what to expect," stressed Quinones.

And that advice may come just in time, as an even bigger job fair is scheduled at Moody Air Force Base in September ahead of the release of several hundred Airmen.

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