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Thief breaks into locked car

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Car break-ins continue to be a major problem all across south Georgia. One victim in Americus is worried about how crooks got in his car, even though it was locked.

Donnie McCrary learned that the hard way, but he says there was no damage to his car, and he locked his doors.  So how did the thief get in?

McCrary came to his car this morning and noticed the inside was torn apart, and several things were missing.

"A camera that I had under some papers that was gone so I opened up the console and the little tray that sits in the middle was missing. Everything in there, two check books, some cash," said McCrary.

Law enforcement around the area are pleading with people to lock their cars and take out valuables.

McCrary says he was going to use his camera early this morning so he just locked his car. No windows were broken and no doors were forced open so he has a new idea about how someone got in his car.

"We have some sophisticated crooks that are using these new electronic devices that are available online, at stores, where they're able to read the code for your key fob," said McCrary.

The device he's talking about might allow someone to get in even it the car is locked.

Americus Police say they're not investigating the devices right now. "My police chiefs have not reported that at all to me. I'm not saying that it's not a possibility, but it's not something that we're addressing at this point or has been brought to our attention," said Chief Administrative Officer Lauralee Bernstein.

Locking doors, day and night, is important, but McCrary learned a new lesson after spending his day replacing check books and canceling bank cards.

"As I learned today, don't keep anything of value in your vehicle that if you don't want it missing and have an aggravation about it, then make sure you take it out of your vehicle every time you get out," said McCrary.

People are still encouraged to lock their cars and homes whenever they leave, and don't have anything in the car that is tempting to anyone, even in large parking lots like in the middle of the day.

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