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Reporter raps elections with runoff rhyme

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A correspondent with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution covering the Georgia runoff elections put his own spin on what was at stake at the polls. He decided to make a rap video (again).

Washington correspondent Daniel Malloy made the video, which runs a little more than 90 seconds. It gave an overview of what issues voters would face when at the polls, and encouraged them to go out and vote.

The rhyme detailed expected results from the ballot box:

“Yo, wake up Georgia, it’s election day.

Put in Malloy rap volume two, press play.

Get out and vote so your voice becomes a yell,

’cause runoff turnout gunna be low as hell.”

After it was posted, Gawker writer Hamilton Nolan made a comment that there was "absolutely no reason for [the video] to exist." Malloy responded in a Twitter post that the critique was "truly the highest honor." Other forms of praise surfaced on Twitter.

In an interview with Malloy, he said the video was the second most popular video on, behind another covering University of Georgia football.

The video is actually the second set of rhymes produced by Malloy.

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