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Recent crime prompts residents to form watch group

(Source: Lee Co. Sheriff's Office) (Source: Lee Co. Sheriff's Office)
Dennis Vann Dennis Vann

Folks in a Lee County neighborhood are forming a neighborhood watch group after two teens were arrested for vandalizing homes and cars there. Some residents in the Huntingdon Subdivision say recent crime is unusual for that area. But they're sick of it and want to help deputies keep their neighborhood safe.

Dennis Vann is one of several residents in the Huntingdon subdivision supporting a neighborhood watch group. "The biggest advantage to it is it's a force multiplier for the Lee County Sheriff's Department. They've got all these extra eyes on the street and it helps them to respond quicker, solve cases quicker and keep the neighborhood safer," said Vann.

Extra eyes helped deputies solve one of the most recent crimes in that neighborhood. A 14 year-old boy and 17 year-old Cory Knight were arrested Tuesday, accused of spray painting vehicles and homes in that area earlier this month.

"They do live in the area affected, the Huntingdon area. And they wished to provide anonymous information that they heard people saying that it was Corey Knight. And the interview with Corey Knight did reveal, he confessed to his involvement as well as the juveniles involvement," said Investigator Matt Pearce, with the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Vann's briefcase was stolen out of his truck last Friday. It was later recovered. "Quite a scare, yeah. I live out of my briefcase, a lot of personal documents, check books, that sort of thing in it.

He was one of 12 people in the subdivision who had their vehicles broken into. No arrests have been made in that case, but deputies are stepping up patrols.

"We probably have one of the best Sheriff's Departments in the state. They take vandalism seriously," said Vann.

And so do many of the residents, who are holding a neighborhood watch meeting this weekend to keep their streets safe.

The teens are charged with 16 counts of criminal trespass and 3 counts of criminal interference with government property. The two also spray painted a Lee County owned sign, a Dougherty County Police car, and a Dougherty County Sheriff's Office car. Cory Knight is also charged with one count of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. 

The neighborhood watch meeting will be Saturday, July 26th 10 am at the Lee County library at 245 Walnut Avenue.

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