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Fullerton says race isn't over against Ealum

Carol Fullerton says while she lost to Darrel Ealum for Georgia's House District 153 seat, she doesn't feel the race is over.

She plans to consult with her lawyer and ask for a recount. Fullerton questions how Ealum went about collecting absentee ballots. "We will also be adding to the things, the information that we have been collecting throughout the race for how he's gone about collecting absentee ballots and other things that showed up in the last little bit. This is a statewide issue, this is not just Albany," said Fullerton.

He got 382 more absentee votes than Fullerton while in-person early voting totals were much closer.

Fullerton says a car crash last October that left her with serious injuries gave her time to think long and hard about this race. "I've had a lot of time to think and to know what's right to do and I didn't enter this race lightly with him. I've been keeping tabs on what he's been doing and so he's in for a fight."

When asked if she thought Darrel Ealum has run a fair campaign, she said no. "He may win, but it has not been a fair campaign and he will have to fight for it."

Fullerton served as state representative for three terms. She says she's thankful for her supporters. "I am so grateful from the bottom of my heart and my families heart. Because we have tried to raise our children that Albany ahs been a good community to us as a family and that we owe it a lot back," said Fullerton.

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