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Aircraft company announces business proposal to create 100 jobs

Payne Hughes, Thrush President Payne Hughes, Thrush President
A major expansion at an Albany aircraft company could create 100 new jobs. City officials are waiting on paperwork from the Economic Development Commission before taking a final vote on whether to give $200,000 to Thrush Aircraft. 

It would be the first time the city awarded money from the Albany Job Investment Fund which aims to help companies create jobs. Thrush officials worked on a business proposal for three months. They currently produce a 500 gallon crop duster. They want to start building a 700 gallon plane. The expansion would allow them to produce 3 extra plans a month. The company currently has 185 employees, the expansion would add 100 new jobs over the next three years. 

"This is the first step to showing that a local community and local government appreciates the local business men who are already here and investing a lot of time and money to grow businesses here without running them off,” said Payne Hughes, Thrush President. 

 Thrush is the first business to take advantage of the Albany Job Investment Fund. If it is approved, Hughes says they are looking to hire people within the next 30 days and hope to have employed 100 people over a six month period. The production line expansion is a $5 million expansion which could take about four months to complete.

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