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Colquitt woman catches home burglars in the act

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Denise Calloway Denise Calloway
COLQUITT CO., GA (WALB) - A Colquitt County woman confronts a burglar at her home.

Denise Calloway says she didn't think much of a man in her yard on Sangster Road until she went inside her home and noticed things were out of place.

“They parked right here where they can see in between the house,” said Denise Calloway.

Calloway ran some errands Friday morning. When she returned home, she found some unexpected visitors.

"I said well who is that," said Calloway

Calloway found Justin Whitman standing in her back yard, she says looking suspicious. She asked Whitman why he was there.

"He just said that he was lost, he knocked on the door and nobody answered, so he said he went to the back and knocked on the back door, nobody came," said Calloway.

Calloway says after Whitman left in a gold colored truck she looked around her home.

"I just kind of went on in and put my groceries down and Go ahead out everything in the back yard," said Calloway.

That's when she noticed the kitchen window was broken and the back door was cracked open.

The burglars came through the back porch, climbed on top of the dryer, used shears to bust open the window to get inside the house.

Calloway immediately alerted authorities.

"So, I just freaked out and ran to the porch and called 911," said Calloway.

Based on Calloway's description, deputies stopped a truck nearby.

"Fortunately there was a deputy sheriff not very far from the area, there was an additional person in the vehicle," said Inv. Mike Murfin.

Investigators think Willie King was inside the house, while Whitman was outside as the lookout.

Calloway says two guns were stolen from the home. One was recovered. Calloway says she grateful she wasn't hurt during the burglary.

Both men are in jail facing burglary and firearm charges of convicted felons.

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