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Mother relieved after scary golf cart accident

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - A Cordele mother has a warning tonight to parents who let their kids drive golf carts and ATV's. 

She says she'll be lot stricter after four kids were hurt in a golf cart accident last night. 

Sheree Olds doesn't normally let her kids drive the golf cart alone, and after today, she says she won't do it again. 

Olds looks at the broken steering column that caused her golf cart to flip.

"There was 4 kids on it. It landed on top of Courtney and Annie, and my daughter samantha was thrown out onto the pavement," said Olds.

They were all taken to the hospital and released late last night. Her daughter had a concussion and another passenger broke her ankle. 

The injuries could have been much more serious. 

 "It was ruled as an accident and I'm glad it went as good as it did. It could've been a lot worse." 

Olds, who normally drives her kids around, says kids who drive golf carts around should now know the dangers. 

"This ought to be a testimony to other kids out there that are driving ATV's. Golf carts are very top heavy and they can flip easily," said Olds.

Olds hasn't decided if they will fix the golf cart, but if they do it will only have one driver. 

"From now on if I'm not on there driving, they won't be driving on the highway." 

 You might be a little confused about whether you can legally drive a golf cart on a road. A new law makes that legal, but local governments must designate which roads are legal to drive on. 

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