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Preparing your home for severe weather

Pastor Eugene Sherman Jr. Pastor Eugene Sherman Jr.
Asst. Chief Jordan Asst. Chief Jordan
ALBANY, GA (WALB) - How can you protect your home from a lightning strike? It's a question many of you may have asked this week after a lightning strike sparked a huge fire that destroyed an Albany home. 

Pastor Eugene Sherman Jr. says he'll never forget the noise when lighting hit this tree. It's something he now thinks about every time a storm strikes.When severe weather hits, it's important to be prepared, because mother nature can be unpredictable and dangerous.

Emergency responders say they've seen more cases this year where lighting has caused a house fire.Just last month lighting hit a tree and shook Dr. Eugene Sherman Jr.'s house. 

He had just got home from church and was on the phone when it hit. "First thing I did was throw the phone down and I jumped up to see if I was still down here or if I was up there."

Sherman says he's been through storms before, but never had lighting hit that close. "A sharp peel of lighting hit the tree behind me, it knocked out my television although I didn't have it on, it knocked out the water fountain and it disrupted a printer in my office."

He says luckily the fuse box is located on the back of his house. "I believe if it was on this side the current would have gone there and gone throughout the house."

Fire officials says nothing is guaranteed, but surge protectors, which have a special fuse inside, can help protect your electronics. "When lightning strikes and that surge goes through it, that fuse will catch it," said Assistant Fire Chief Rubin Jordan.

Lightning rods can also catch electricity, but fire officials warn lighting is attracted to anything that's can buy surge protectors at any area supply store, but it's important to know that power strips are different. They don't offer the same protection as surge protectors.

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