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Water pressure needs for Albany's future

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  City officials are working on plans to increase water pressure and supply in Northwest Albany, saying it's vital to public safety and economic growth. 
Sunday night Albany firefighters called for increased water pressure while fighting a huge fire on North Gate Road....something city officials want to make sure is available whenever needed.Albany Firefighters pumped more than 50 thousand gallons of water onto this burning home in three hours Sunday night. They called on Water Gas & Light to increase supply and pressure....but not because their trucks needed it.

Albany Fire Department Deputy Chief Ron Rowe said "Oh absolutely. We got plenty of pressure.  What we're trying to do when we need the demand of water, we don't want to affect anyone else in the area."

Emergency crews say they have no shortage of water,but that drain could be felt by other homes and businesses in the area.  So employees at the water control station increased flow to the area.

 Interim Assistant City Manager for Utilities Stephen Collier said "We don't run every well 24-7.  They have the ability to adjust them as they need them.  As in the case of the northwest Albany the other night. They saw they needed to bring up additional wells to give the fire department the pressure they needed."

Albany city officials halted plans to build a new water tower on Kensington Road in Northwest Albany that would increase water pressure in the fastest growing region of the city.  City engineers are now studying if there are more efficient ways without building the nearly 3 million dollar tower.

Collier said "In the future with the growth that's coming we know we're going to need someway of getting more pressure to some regions of Northwest Albany."

When stores or hotels are built, water systems have to be strong enough to supply the pressure needed for fire sprinkler systems.  That's why water pressure is one factor needed as Northwest Albany continues to grow.

Firefighters say they have not had issues providing water pressure or supply while fighting fires in Northwest Albany, but city officials say they want to make improvements to guarantee that in the future.

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