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Still voting at 92...

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty County elections officials say, so far, voter turnout appears to be better than other runoffs in the past. There was a steady stream of voters at this precinct in Dougherty County.

Georgia voters are deciding primary runoff elections for US Senate, state school superintendent, And local races."It is an important day and all citizens in Dougherty County need to vote. We've got a lot of things going on in our community and everybody needs to select the person they think can best carry out those goals," said Voter Ripley Bell. 

In Dougherty County, Ballots are being cast at 15 precincts for House District 153 and at five precincts for Dougherty County School Board, District 6.

While turnout was predicted to be low, one voter, who's 92 years old makes it a point to vote every chance she gets. Christine Wrenn tries new things all the time. 

At 90, she went for her first motorcycle ride.But no matter how much society changes,"I'm still able to come and vote," she said.This cancer survivor always takes time to vote."It's so important because we need people to make our laws and rules. And we appreciate it. We've lived long enough to know we need good people."

Wrenn says the only time she didn't vote was during World War II when her husband was in the Navy and she moved around."I have not missed a single time when I have been where I was registered to vote. Because that's the one thing that I can still do. "That's my privilege and it is a privilege."

Wrenn and her husband married in 1940 and often discussed various elections."we would discuss who to vote for so we wouldn't cancel each other's vote. We voted the same way. But he died at 61.

"While she can't recall the first time she voted, Wrenn remembers several of the elections."I did vote for Roosevelt every time he ran. I know that. And I liked Truman. All of them that have been in. I'm not going to say the ones I don't have a preference for. There's one or two. I don't remember if I voted for them or not. But if I did, I'm sorry I did!"

And she urges others to exercise their rights."If all of our neighbors just in this part of town voted it would make a difference. But they don't. But it's not because I don't encourage them."

Encouraging others to make a difference and make the most of life, like she has.

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