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Six-month old battles for life with rare brain disorder

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - A 6-month old baby in Worth County with a life-altering brain condition is in a battle for his life.

There is no cure for it.

Armani Carter is a happy 6 month old little boy, but he's fighting a brain condition called hydrocephalus.

"His spinal fluid doesn't drain into his belly, because he has a cyst located on the back of his brain. So instead of his draining down, it builds up on the top of his brain," said his mother Kimberly.

The child was a healthy baby when he was born. Then at just 4 months old, everything changed overnight.

"We woke up one morning and the whole right side of his face was swollen," said Carter.

Armani travels back and forth to Emory Hospital in Atlanta for physical therapy every week, staying four days at a time. Because of his brain condition, Armani has several battles to overcome.

"He can't hold the bottle anymore, can't drink out of the bottle because he doesn't remember how, he doesn't know how to use his hands and lost most of his vision in right eye," said Carter.

Carter has set up a website called Armani's Angels: Winning the War against hydrocephalus. The website tells Armani's story and encourages donations to help with his medical expenses.

"I set a goal to raise $8,000. Even though Armani has insurance, it doesn't cover everything," said Carter. "He don't give up and neither do I. One thing after another, but we're getting through it day by day."

Carter also says support from her family and the community helps them through the tough days.

Armani goes back to Atlanta Monday night for treatment.

Click here to make a donation for Armani Carter.

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