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Scammer gets a cop on the phone


Scammers claiming to be from a popular sweepstakes tried to pick on the wrong person. They called a Thomas County sheriff's captain.

Scammers are always out there ready to prey on their next victim but this time they dialed the wrong number.

"Over the weekend we had numerous complaints about people receiving calls from scammers claiming to be from Publisher's Clearing House they even called me twice on my sheriff's office number," said Captain Steve Jones.

Jones says he immediately knew it was a scam but he went along with it. "Fortunately they got me and I was able to waste their time as long as possible and hopefully save another victim," he said.

Jones stayed on the line and told the caller he was on his way to pick up the green dot card the scammer wanted him to buy in order to receive his winnings. The scammers called from a Jamaica number, he says the man on the line was pushy and sly.

"I don't have a name sir, I only have your prize winning number and this telephone number. Okay sounds legit enough to me," recalled Jones.

He says scammers often pack on the pressure,  he says you should hang up and give yourself time to evaluate things clearly. "Gives you time to call us, gives you time to call a parent, a child, and say this just happened what do you think about it."

Out of curiosity we gave the scammer's line a ring, and within a few minutes received a call back. The scammer asked WALB to return his call, hoping that we would fall victim to his game.

This scam has nothing to do with The Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes. If you get a similar call, don't give out personal information. Instead, call police.

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