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2014 watermelons sweeter than most

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - The sound of a sweet watermelon is distinct.

"Sort of a drum sound or something is what you listen for," said watermelon salesman Jim Taylor.

The stem can also tell a sweet story.

"If they are black or don't have any stems then you don't know how long they've been picked," said Taylor.

He says a nice green stem is best, so a buyer can know it was recently picked.

In 2013, summer farmers had to overcome heavy rain and horrible field conditions that made it difficult to produce tasty watermelons, but this summer the weather had a different impact.

"A more reliable rain, not quite too much," said Taylor. "We've had a lot of sunshine, so that's why I think they are sweeter and a bit juicer this year then they have been in several years."

Weather has played a major role in the success of these watermelons.

"When they really got into their growing spurt, the weather was really warm, really good and that's what it is," said Taylor.

The size of the red seedless watermelon are much larger than normal because of all the nutrients from the rain in the planting season.

"We have a lot of regular size seedless out there, but these just happen to get a lot more of the nutrients and everything then some of the others did and consequently we have these bigger watermelons," said Jim Taylor.

The harvest season finishes at the end of July.

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