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Death raises awareness about improper pesticide use


Following the death of a Georgia woman. Experts are urging people to use and store pesticides properly. Pesticides can solve problems, but they can cause problems if you use them improperly.

"A lot of people will say I am just going to use this, I'm not going to read the label because that's a lot of words, but that's not true at all you should read all of the words, the directions are very necessary,” said Agriculture Extension Agent Andrew Sawyer. Sawyer says each product has a different set of directions

"If something is meant to be used outside and you use it inside that could cause you a lot of problems.”

Just last month, a Jefferson County woman died after being exposed to a toxic chemical released from the insecticide Fumitoxin. The pesticide is not intended for indoor use but a family member unknowingly placed it in the home of 58 year old Rosa Green. Sawyer says that the state requires folks to go through training before purchasing or using restricted pesticides such as Fumitoxin.

"Educating yourself on pesticide safety is very important,” said Sawyer.

A license is required for restricted pesticides because of the risk involved and to ensure that pesticides are used as they were intended to be used.

Katie V says after learning just how crucial it is to read the fine print, she's going to take the extra time out before spraying, 

"Especially since I have pets; I have to be extra careful with how I use it, I have a chihuahua I don't want him to get sick,” said Katie.

A few extra moments that could make the ultimate difference.

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