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Competition barbecue cooking takes right skill

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - Folks are gathering in Ashburn for an annual festival put on by Shriners. The Michael Allman band performs tonight.  Tomorrow, you can enjoy a car show and plenty of vendors and activities next to Carroll's Sausage and Country Store. 

The event also includes a barbecue cook-off. 

The competition doesn't technically start until later tonight, but Jim McCoin has been on the festival grounds for 2 days getting his meat ready. 

McCoin was eager to show me the meats he's preparing for the barbecue cook-off tomorrow. 

 "We've got two pork butts. These are what they call Boston butts. They come off the top of the shoulder of the hog," said Mccoin. "This is a wagyu brisket. This is about a $250 piece of meat. These are baby back ribs. They are not a low quality rib. You can see by the amount of fat on them." 

One of the hardest things to manage is the different temperatures and cook times for the meats. McCoin says you move from the "big meat" to the other stuff after. 

"And then most people at the point they get this done and it's in the hot box, is when we turn to our ribs and our chicken to start cooking that because that's a faster process," said McCoin. 

While cooking the meats takes a long time, the process of learning how to cook each one can take longer. 

"A beginner comes on he usually cooks chicken really good. And then ribs really good. And then pork really good.” 

"So brisket is the last to come," I asked. "Most of the time." 

 Big Daddy Q,as he's known while cooking, says the strict time limits separate recreational cookers from competitive ones. 

"It's a lot of fun. It's a lot of fun the trick is--everybody thinks they can cook good, but can you have it done at exactly the right time? That's the trick," said McCoin. 

We'll find out Saturday if McCoin can do it at exactly the right time. 

The 8 teams will be competing for $5000 worth of prizes. 

The competition is set up by Robby Royal, the Sycamore man who won the national Pitmasters cooking competition.

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