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A.D.D.U. says meth seizures have skyrocketed

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -   South Georgia drug agents say they're noticing a big increase in methamphetamine this summer.

 Thursday night agents raided a meth lab hidden in the woods in east Albany.

Drug agents say that meth lab, cooking in the woods near a neighborhood, posed a great danger to the community.

Drug agents say meth has suddenly surged into prominence in South Georgia.

Albany Dougherty Drug Unit Commander Major Bill Berry said "We're seeing a lot more meth.  Last month our meth seizures exceeded all others combined. So it's growing. It has been."

Drug agents were tipped that a meth lab was operating in the woods off the 2800 block of Rosebrier Avenue.  When agents raided the area, they caught 44 year old Ben Brooks and found an inactive meth lab. 

 Berry said "There were bottles. There were ingredients. So there had been what looked like the remnants of former cooks and reactions from meth."

Drug agents say that meth lab was small, using the one bottle cook method.  But all the chemicals, just laying out in the woods, could have led to tragedy for any kids or curious person that stumbled upon it.

 Berry said "They could open something up and cause a chemical reaction. Or get the vapors off of it and it could make them sick.  So yes, it's dangerous."

Drug agents also seized Brooks truck and were waiting today for a search warrant to check it.  Brooks was charged with manufacturing meth, and more charges could be pending on what they find in that truck.  

Drug agents urge people who suspect a meth lab could be operating in their neighborhood to call them, saying  they are a real danger.

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