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Viewpoint: James Taylor's Departure

James Taylor served Albany well as city manager, but he left under a cloud.

Taylor approved a 20-thousand dollar bonus for an employee, the only bonus handed out in years. He had the authority to do it, but the decision upset many workers who went without raises in recent years. It angered city commissioners who wereblind sidedd by the bonus and taxpayers who questioned how their money is being spent.

Rather than stand up and explain his decision to the public and commissioners at last week's city commission meeting, Taylor abruptly quit and didn't show up.

In his resignation letter, Taylor blamed the media for harming "the potential of the Beneficial Suggestion Program." We assume the bonus had something to do with that program, but it's not clear since he won't talk to us. What is clear is that only Taylor is to blame for any damage to the city, its employees, and Taylor's own reputation.

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