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Fullerton campaign signs stolen, candidates speak on race

Darrell Ealum Darrell Ealum
Carol Fullerton Carol Fullerton
District 153 representative Carol Fullerton revealed surveillance video of one of her campaign signs being stolen Wednesday evening.

This comes five days before the runoff election between her and Darrell Ealum. She did not say that Ealum played a part in the theft. Ealum would not comment on the sign removal without first seeing the video to try to tell if the people responsible are part of his campaign.

"It's a pretty good expense for me and the people kind enough to give me donations pay for the campaign," Fullerton said. "I'm kind of upset about it. It sort of sets your nerves on edge when things like this happen."

Ealum says he's gotten harassing phone calls from a Fullerton supporter recently. As election day draws near, the campaign seems to be getting more contentious. Ealum claims Fullerton has been taking advantage of her position in the state House.

"Carol Fullerton is taking thousands and thousands of dollars from lobbyists in Atlanta," Ealum said. "Her allegiance is to the lobbyists, it is not to the voters of Southwest Georgia."

Fullerton says that her relationships with lobbyists help her be better connected in Atlanta and allow her to make decision on behalf of Southwest Georgia. Recently, she has questioned why Ealum switched from the republican to the democratic party.

"To do it just so you can fit into the right size hole for an election," Fullerton continued. "I think if its honest that's fine but if its not, its not the way to run a campaign."

Ealum says that he switched parties 10 years ago and that shouldn't have an impact on this race.

The contentious back and forth is likely to continue through Tuesday when voters can select their choice candidate.

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