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Tractor crash survivor begs drivers to pay attention

On July 18th, it will be one year since A.W. Gill was hit while driving his tractor on 300.

He's asking law enforcement to put up more signs and actively slow people down.  

Gill is back on a tractor a year after getting hit while driving on 300 between fields. The memory of that wreck keeps him off that route now. 

 "It's strange to say buddy but I take the dirt roads now,” said Gill. “I'm scared to get on the highways anymore."  

It's a trip that's 3 times longer than the straight shot down 300. Gill wishes law enforcement would patrol the road more. 

"And I believe if they had these state troopers working this road more, maybe everybody would slow down just a little bit," said Gill. 

Warwick is one city where there is increased enforcement. Some view this city as a speed trap, but Chief David Morris says there is a reason. 

"The purpose of the aggressive enforcement, the purpose of citations, is to get people's attention. To try to enforce and try and gain compliance," said Morris. 

 After Gill's accident, signs were put up urging drivers to look out for farm equipment on the roads. Even tractors have precautions to make them more visible. 

Gill says a new state law requires reflectors and lights be on equipment driven on any highways, but that shouldn't keep people from slowing down 

"Everybody has got to look. The old farmer has to be on that road too, whether anybody likes it or not. Somebody's still got to make people something to eat," said Gill. 

Mr. Gill is getting better, but he makes a living selling his vegetables each year. 

Since that wreck, he has relied on friends and family to keep his produce planted in the fields and sold in the store. 

One friend has planted peas and corn to sell this season. Gill is thankful to those who have helped him get healthy. 

“But I'm just getting my strength back to do just a little bit of something. That's why I got good friends like Junior to help me,” said Gill fighting back tears. 

His produce store is off of Highway 300 in Oakfield. He expects to have vegetables ready by early August.

At a time like this in South Georgia, a lot of farm equipment is out on the roads so drivers are asked to keep their focus on the road to avoid accidents like yesterday.

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