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Tifton mother wants awareness for lupus

TIFTON, GA (WALB) - A couple of Tifton women are trying to raise awareness for people affected by lupus. 

Cashonda Burns and Angela Anderson thought about starting an awareness organization for several years. 

Now, they say they're finally ready. 

"The name that I came up with will be knockout for lupus," said Cashonda Burns. 

Cashonda Burns and Angela Anderson are both affected by lupus in different ways. Anderson has had the disease for 14 years. 

"I have my good days and I have my bad days. And some days come by, I can get up and do anything I want to do. Then there are days where I have to have help getting out of bed," said Anderson. 

Both of Burns's daughters have the disease. 

"They have their days and nights. You may get up one minute feeling good then the next minute you may feel bad," said Burns. 

Because of this, these two women are starting a support group not only for people with lupus, but for others impacted by the illness. 

"Anyone with lupus, their families, their caregivers, anyone in the community who wants to learn about the disease and how it affects anyone with the disease," said Anderson. 

The group will also help with financial costs--something that can be a problem. 

"It's a big financial burden. Not only is it emotional but financially," said Anderson. 

That's a burden that Burns knows too well. Both her daughters have the disease, and one is currently in the hospital. 

"I mean I lost everything behind it. I lost my job by being up there with Ashley for the 3 months that she has been hospitalized. It's very stressful," said Burns. 

Burns hopes the new group will make sure others don't experience that feeling without someone else's support. In order to start their support group, they must take classes to learn more about lupus. 

That first class will be August 2nd.

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