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Moultrie Burglar leaves trail at scene


Employees at a Moultrie restaurant thank police for nabbing the man they say burglarized their business, leaving behind a mess.           

The man is in the Colquitt County jail after police say something he left behind tied him to the crime.    

Cheese and Feed Manager Kim Bryant says she found the restaurant a mess when she came in on February 25th.  

"It looked like there was a bunch of leaves in the floor, so we actually came in and we came to find out that it was money and the cash registers were open. There was change everywhere. So we actually took running out back to the parking lot a called 911," said Bryant.  "Just a relief knowing that you know, you don't have to come in and think could he possibly break in again."

Once police arrived they found around $800 taken from the business. But they also found a trail of blood that the burglar left behind.   "He cut it on the register when he opened it," said MPD Investigator David Jones.    

The evidence was collected and sent off to the GBI crime lab. Recently, there was a match.   Investigators say it was this man, Ramsey Dennis' blood, who was already in the Colquitt County jail.  He was arrested last Friday on separate charges.  

"Dennis was already incarcerated for theft by receiving charge for some property that he had on him that was stolen from an entering auto," said Jones.    Employees say they saw the man come in frequently AFTER the break-in and they're proud of law enforcement for tracking him down.  

"They are doing an awesome job. They have come by several times. They let us know that they are patrolling the area and told us that if they ever needed an escort in or out, just to call them and they would be there for us," said Bryant.   Investigators also believe he could be responsible for several other thefts and burglaries.  

"He's a known burglar. He's a drug user. People do crazy things when they need drugs," added Jones.  

Dennis now faces burglary and Theft by receiving charges.


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