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How restaurants get you to pay more


Restaurants know how to play the mind game and they do a great job of it. What you do not realize is how they use psychological tricks to get you to spend a little more than planned. So you have the ambiance, the great smelling entrees. So they already have you hooked. Before you know it, you are forking over more money.

  • When was the last time you saw a dollar sign on a menu? BusinessInsider says they leave those off intentionally. Because that symbol reminds you of how much you are actually spending.
  • The big plate…or the small plate? The smaller plate seems less expensive, but that is what they want you to order anyway. That large plate and price is typically for comparison. This method is called bracketing.
  • To make you cave in and feel like you are at your grandparents' house, they will attach a name to some of the meals. Like Grandma's Spicy Apple Pie.
  • Pay attention to the numbers. You will rarely see something like $9.99. Instead, it will be $9.95, which makes it look like a more acceptable number. Better yet, they will just leave the cents off and round up the price to the nearest dollar.


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